Hopium vs Reality: Resource Limits and Climate Change

Is Hydrogen just Hopium?

Paul Martin, chemical process development expert, comments on the feasibility of hydrogen as a solution for a fossil fuel future.

Investors To Big Oil: Resistance Is Futile

It’s not an easy thing to identify a tipping point when you’re balancing on the apex. But it’s fair to say that along the timeline of the world’s transition to a low-carbon future, May 26, 2021 is a day that will go down as among the most important.

Climate Commission’s final advice calls for step-up on climate action – Expert Reaction

Progress is underway to shift towards a low-carbon future – but more action is urgently required, the Climate Commission says in its report to government.

Climate and nature crises: solve both or solve neither, say experts

Humanity must solve the climate and nature crises together or solve neither, according to a report from 50 of the world’s leading scientists.

Global heating and the destruction of wildlife is wreaking increasing damage on the natural world, which humanity depends on for food, water and clean air. Many of the human activities causing the crises are the same and the scientists said increased use of nature as a solution was vital.

The Mining of Minerals and the Limits to Growth

…it should be considered that the industrial ecosystem and the society it supports may soon contract in size. This implies that the current Linear Economy system is seriously unbalanced and is not remotely sustainable. The Limits to Growth conclusions suggest at some point, the global society and the global industrial ecosystem that support it will radically change form. It is clear that society consumes more mineral resources each year. It is also clear that society does not really understand its dependency on minerals to function. Availability of minerals could be an issue in the future, where it becomes too expensive to extract metals due to decreasing grade. This report proposes that the fundamental transformation of the global ecosystem predicted by the original Limits to Growth study, has been in progress since 2005, for the last 16 years.